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Welcome to Applied Linguistics.Org, your information resource on anything related to applied linguistics, language acquisition, and language teaching.




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Applied Linguistics.Org is an information guide on applied linguistics, language acquisition, and language teaching. 


On our pages, you can find topics on anything ranging from leading applied linguistics journals to renowned programs /departments /universities offering PhD and MA degrees in applied linguistics. 


Moreover, you can also discover some fun aspects of applied linguistics!  One of the goals of AppliedLinguistics.Org is to be a meeting spot for all applied linguists and applied linguistics students worldwide.  Applied linguistics.Org does not provide materials to teach English or any resources specifically on TESOL. If you are looking for a place to discuss applied linguistics, visit second language acquisition and other related sub-sections of the linguistics forum.


  This site is about applied 

  linguistics, TESOL/TEFL,   

  language acquisition, and language




  It aims to be a meeting spot for

  applied linguists, applied

  linguistics students, and language  

  teachers worldwide.


  Each page covers several issues  

  such as renowned applied

  linguistics programs/departments 

  / universities and leading applied  

  linguistics journals, as well as

  some fun stuff and links to certain

  important applied linguistics,

  TESOL and educational sites.



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